Fraunhofer USA Center for Experimental Software Engineering CESE conducts applied research to support the software-enabled innovations created by our customers in industry, government, and academia. Fraunhofer USA CESE develops and uses advanced, effective, and scalable approaches to software and systems engineering, delivers powerful testing and verification strategies and tools, and uses state-of-the-art measurement and analysis methods to support its customers' challenges. 

Working closely with customers in the aerospace and medical industries, government agencies, research organizations, and universities; Fraunhofer USA CESE evaluates, develops, and utilizes cutting-edge tools and technologies to support customer decision-making and implementation in systems, software, and acquisition areas. Fraunhofer USA CESE provides critical skills and guidance that allows its customers to ensure the viability and reliability of their systems and software and enables them to identify and prevent security-related vulnerabilities. In addition to applied research, Fraunhofer USA CESE also conducts innovative basic research projects under research grants funded by the government and other research institutions.

To support all of these efforts, Fraunhofer USA CESE relies on its demonstrated competences in the following areas:

As part of Fraunhofer USA, Inc., Fraunhofer USA CESE is one of seven Centers in the United States, each of which collaborates with an Institute within Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft—the largest applied research organization in Europe.


Our Vision

Fraunhofer USA CESE accelerates its customers’ economic and industrial development by using innovative model-based methods to develop and assure complex software-intensive systems.

Our Mission

Fraunhofer USA CESE: