Mikael Lindvall


Dr. Mikael Lindvall is Technology Director at the Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering. Dr. Lindvall is one of the prime architects of the SAVE technology suite that performs visualization and analysis of complex systems of systems and has been applied to systems at NASA, JHU/APL, the FDA and others. Dr. Lindvall has been the prime investigator on a number of research grants and is a principal on contracts awarded in the areas of software architecture, software technology evaluation and improvement, and in defining software testbeds and experimenting with software defect injection. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Linköpings University, Sweden.


Selected Resources and Publications

·        M. Lindvall, W. C. Stratton, and D. E. Sibol "Connecting Research and Practice: An Experience Report on Research Infusion with Software Architecture Visualization and Evaluation (SAVE) in,"NASA’s journal on Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering, 2010

·        Mikael Lindvall, Dirk Muthig, "Bridging the Software Architecture Gap", IEEE Computer 41(6): 98-101 (2008)

·        The Software Architecture Visualization and Evaluation tool (SAVE) - http://www.fc-md.umd.edu/SAVE/

Mikael Lindvall

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Dr. Mikael Lindvall

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