Rapid Prototyping and Innovation

To create effective software tools and applications, it is critical to first clearly define requirements and then apply sound design and architecture principles to their development. With customer demands intensifying and the competitive landscape increasing, we at Fraunhofer USA CESE recognize that software must undergo this iterative process of requirements gathering, design, development, implementation, and test and must do so smartly and expediently before software can be released. As part of our comprehensive approach to prototyping new technologies, we also utilize practical, real-world software analysis through user studies and focus groups. In this way, our seasoned and adaptable software engineers help our customers manage this software development process efficiently, bring their innovative ideas to fruition rapidly, and ensure their software’s quality effectively. This holistic approach to development, our emphasis on best practices, and our foothold on emerging technologies is part of how we bring innovation to market.

  • Design and facilitate user focus groups and empirical experiments to validate customer innovations
  • Conduct technology evaluation, including cloud, mobile, and other emerging platforms, and suggest practical solutions based upon discovery
  • Provide tailored project management support—inclusive of agile and scrum methodologies—to ensure delivery of requirements, manage cost and schedule, and mitigate risk
  • Design, develop, and implement software according to best-practice solutions, security and safety regulations, and optimized user experience
  • Provide knowledge transfer of best practices and tool support in software development and testing
  • Evaluate and create software engineering approaches and tools to improve software development productivity