Software Engineering Processes and Analytics

Measurement is an opportunity for teams to learn about development progress, about improvement opportunities, about their business, and about their stakeholders. Fraunhofer USA CESE scientists have worked with a variety of organizations: from government agencies to cutting-edge innovators to small-medium enterprises. We tailor measurement programs to the specific needs, goals, and constraints of our collaborators. Our Goal-Question-Metric (GQM) approach is an industry best practice that we use to: 1) elicit clear, feasible and actionable goals for software measurement; 2) implement concrete measurement plans that provide the most benefit with the least intrusiveness. Our hands-on course on goal-based software measurement has had participation from organizations that represent the leading edge in safety-critical and system-of-systems development.

  • Perform assessment of software processes and artifacts to ensure sound design and architecture, use of best practices, and regulatory compliance
  • Assist customers with applying both technical and management best practices in well-established reference models and methodologies (e.g., CMMI, scrum) for systems acquisition and development
  • Build process performance baselines and predictive models to assist customers in managing development projects quantitatively
  • Implement tools and processes for facilitating process and product data analytics including data collection, analysis, and reporting
  • Provide oversight of design and development practices to help mitigate risks associated with requirements creep, software growth, and schedule changes
  • Train customers to apply goal-based software measurement methodologies to manage systems development